gainEnglish - online english course for companies


English courses via Skype, in the classroom or blended dedicated to Companies who want to:

  • organise courses for their employees using Skype, the classroom or the blended learning method
  • provide courses to their employees designed to enable them to competently use English within their field of business
  • maintain their employees' levels of English through conversations with mothertongue English teachers using an educational tool that is flexible, customised, individual and is very good value for money

Why gainEnglish Enterprise?

gainEnglish Enterprise enables your Company to have access to a unique flexible learning tool, that offers a one-to-one course at a competitive price.

With gainEnglish Enterprise you can provide your employees with an effective one-to-one English course at a cost lower than that of a group course.


Thanks to the gainEnglish learning platform, you can offer your employees an extremely efficient educational tool that can be customised to your business's needs.

The lessons are conveniently planned via the Internet, are provided simply using a telephone or Skype connection, and can be held any time from Monday to Saturday, from 6am to 11pm, all year.


Your employee - or your HR Manager - will define, in consultation with a dedicated mothertongue teacher the objectives to be achieved, in order to personalise training courses that are perfect for your employees that can be provided by their dedicated teachers.


Our teachers are all English mothertongue and will take your employees through a course that is aimed at achieving each employees' personal objectives.

The employees will have access to a dedicated virtual classroom where they will be able to exchange, with the teacher, personalised learning material, reading material, exercises, levels tests, audio tracks and other useful learning tools.
gainEnglish Enterprise learning packages
All packages include:

  • a 30 minute session in which each individual's personal achievement objectives are defined
  • an assessment test to determine each employee's initial level
  • a final report giving details of progress made