gainEnglish - Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

English courses via Skype for students who want to:

  • Follow a Skype or phone course to prepare for a job interview in English or to write or review your English CV and covering letter
  • Study for a job interview with the help of a native-English speaker experienced in interview preparation
  • Improve all the aspects necessary to get ready for your interview, not just your English
  • Get ready for an interview in English without leaving your house or office, doing your lesson whenever you want via Skype or phone
gainEnglish Interview Preparation is an educational tool that is effective, flexible, customized and is very good value for money.

Why gainEnglish Interview Preparation?

gainEnglish enables you to have access to a unique flexible learning tool.
Using Skype or the phone you can attend your personal lesson when you want without getting in the way of your business.

gainEnglish combines the quality of a one-to-one course at a competitive price, less than the cost of a group course, with competence and professionality.

Our teachers are carefully selected mothertongue professionals: they couple working experience in job interviews with proven experience in teaching English.

gainEnglish's courses aren't standard: they are designed depending on your personal needs, your English level, the job are going to be interviewed for and other personal and professional needs.


Thanks to the gainEnglish learning platform, it is possible for you to follow an English course around your busy working day.

Your lessons are conveniently provided via Skype or telephone and can be held any time from Monday to Saturday, from 6am to 11pm, all year to allow you to attend your course without leaving your house or your office.


Our dedicated mothertongue teachers are experienced both in teaching English and in job interview preparation and will take you through a course that is aimed at achieving your personal objectives, defined at the beginning of the course.

Your course will be designed especially for you depending on your English level, the job position you have applied for and any other personal needs.

During the course you will sit through mock interviews, during which the teacher will teach you how to talk about yourself, your academic and work achievements, and how to respond to other interview questions.

The teacher will help you with the answers, concentrating on language and grammar as well as on the content.


The teachers are mothertongue professionals with experience in job interview preparation and English teaching via Skype.

You'll be assigned a dedicated teacher who will take you through a course that is aimed at achieving your personal objectives: an individual course at a very competitive price.

You will have access to dedicated learning material specifically chosen for the preparation for your interview and you'll be regularly assessed by mock interviews.
gainEnglish Interview Preparation
All packages include:

  • a 30 minute session in which your personal
    achievement objectives are defined
  • an assessment test to determine your initial level
  • at least one mock practice interview
Interview Preparation
2 Hrs60 €
Interview Preparation
5 Hrs130 €
Interview Preparation
10 Hrs250 €